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  1. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Yeah I honestly only made it through the first 3 episodes. It initially intrigued me on the first one but I got blocked after that until I renewed my Funimation account and haven't gotten back to it yet. It was becoming much more of a straightforward police procedural with a scifi twist than I...
  2. Radiotanuki

    Hi there!

    I finally came back to the forum, Welcome to the club
  3. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Just thinking about Wonder Egg after episode 10 especially for whatever reason almost had me in tears. I can't fucking believe this show right now. Forget that I have never seen an anime handle themes like this this tastefully, I don't think I have seen another show that's handled them quite...
  4. Radiotanuki

    Meme checkpoint

    Oldy but goody I made. Unless I get inspired probably just expect me to drop my old ones here mostly lol
  5. Radiotanuki

    Favorite Xeno Song

    Kinda tend to go through phases but most of mine are honestly from Xenosaga and Xenoblade X surprisingly enough. That's not to say anything bad about anything in gears or the other blade games at all. They all have a few standouts for me but I think I just tend to have a few more from the others...
  6. Radiotanuki

    Hey Xeno fans!

    Howdy doody cowboy :cool:
  7. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Dude Ore Monogatari is super adorable. It's a great one! And yeah it's not too old but it is from around that time. Also I'll recommend Sk8 the Infinity for anyone who likes sports anime at all. I didn't use to be super into them but some of them get me. Especially the more extreme sports ones...
  8. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Holy crap this new anime season... so I have been watching a few lately as they come out.... and I gotta say, I got some you guys might enjoy but you're enjoyment of them might depend on how much you want to deal with themes of emotional trauma. That said, seeing as many of you like XENOSAGA...
  9. Radiotanuki

    Ys series !

    I'm currently making my way through Ys 8 after putting it down when it came out for both cosplay and to go back and finish a few earlier ys games I hadn't. Now that I have 9 I am trying to go through 8 fast but I'm honestly enjoying it so much that I kinda want to get everything I can out of it...
  10. Radiotanuki

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I think the series is more fun if you see the past stuff to get a better understanding for how we get to x from here, but there is an argument for it not being totally necessary. If you want to skip parts, that's kinda okay. Treat parts 1 and 2 like the Yakuza 0 or the Torna of this if you like...
  11. Radiotanuki

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    ooh thanks that looks great! I will defs be trying it out!
  12. Radiotanuki

    yippee yahoo pizza man

    yippee yahoo pizza man
  13. Radiotanuki

    sorry I just now saw this but I actually put a lot of work on this back years ago so I'm happy...

    sorry I just now saw this but I actually put a lot of work on this back years ago so I'm happy you like it! It was actually kinda inspired by Persona 5 which I was super hyped for at the time (it was still not released so I just had the trailers and such to go off of)!
  14. Radiotanuki

    Clip Studio tips and resources

    I am a very lazy artist and am very bad at clean line art so a lot of my stuff comes out kinda sketchy. Clip has been like a life saver for that because luckily for me, I like really sketchy looking shit. I am just bad about jumping into a project on a whim and not looking at options or brushes...
  15. Radiotanuki

    Meme checkpoint

    I'll let you guess if you didn't see when I originally posted this on discord
  16. Radiotanuki

    What's poppin gamers

    Welcome to Pogsibb
  17. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Dude YES. The Promised Neverland is probably my favorite thing out of shonen jump in years. I loved Demon Slayer and I even like MHA plenty but I think Neverland is like their best stuff right now. Also I think a lot of people are turned off potnetially that Appare is a racing anime but it's so...
  18. Radiotanuki

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    I have seen bits and pieces of both Clannads a lot but have never made it through the whole thing on my own. Maybe I would have more patience for it now but back when it never quite grabbed me (even though the premise was quite interesting). Dr. Stone was also quite good, watched it a while back...
  19. Radiotanuki


    I am planning to soon, my brother just watched it and I saw some pieces of it. Looks great as I expected!
  20. Radiotanuki


    HELLO ALL I AM GRAHF THE SEEKER OF SHOWER AND MY SUDS ARE THE MOST DIVINE AND FRESH. I AM SURE THOU HAST SURELY HEARD OF THINESELF BY NOW THOUGH. Now that that is out of the way, the name's Radiotanuki and I go by he/him, but you can also refer to me as you please and it really won't bother me...