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  1. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga 3 Demo Disc

    Hey all! I just want people to know that the Xenosaga 3 demo disc from 2006 which was available through a special lottery by Namco has been found. I plan on ripping the disc so anyone that wishes to have access to the demo and all of the goodies that might be hidden inside may do so.
  2. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenosaga and Stargate

    I've been watching a lot of Stargate SG-1 recently because it became available to watch on Netflix last month. Sometimes I get really big Xenosaga vibes out of it. In particular, I think the archeologist in Xenosaga Episode 1 (Masuda I think his name was?) looks a lot like Daniel Jackson, the...
  3. Aidan Uzuki

    Right to left language test

    این زبان از راست به چپ نوشته است۰ Not sure how many people would ever use such a thing, but it is interesting to me.
  4. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenoblade Definitive Edition Retrospective

    So now that a while has gone by since the Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for Switch has released, how are people feeling about this version of the game? Were you satisfied with how it turned out? What do you think some missed opportunities were? I'll be honest guys, I still...
  5. Aidan Uzuki

    Spoiler Xeno Boss Thread

    This thread is dedicated to all of the really amazing boss fights in the Xeno series. Since this thread is likely to contain heavy spoilers from all series, I've gone ahead and added a Spoiler tag that people can use preemptively on their threads as a way to exercise caution. Probably one of my...
  6. Aidan Uzuki

    General Rules and Terms

    Welcome to Godsibb. Here we celebrate our favorite works in the Xenoverse, a collective of works produced by Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga. The following is a list of rules the staff have agreed upon to be adhered to while navigating our forum: Do Not Spam Do not send unsolicited messages...
  7. Aidan Uzuki

    Xenforo text and attachment features

    Xenforo has a pretty robust text editing and attachment management system. These are all characters from 13 Sentinels...
  8. Aidan Uzuki

    Which Xeno series is your favorite!? (Test poll)

    Well which one?
  9. Aidan Uzuki

    Test post

    Test Post