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    XenoComi - Xenosaga Freaks - Fan Translation Project

    Oh, thank you Valkyrie! Because Jr's ending part mostly covers with a lot in Shion's part and I think this is biggest part that crossovers and which I don't have in my translation file done. As I see from your video in Jr. route Shion isn't there around time when Kosmos trashed Ziggy so this is...
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    XenoComi - Xenosaga Freaks - Fan Translation Project

    I have like maybe 1/3 of Shion script translated, and I didn't have to work on it lately, mostly what blocking me now is that I need to search for Jintoki's grammar fixed lines in data of previous parts we already did to keep the same translation for the same lines. I think it would leave like...
  3. kare_reiko

    Spoiler Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Spoilers Well, many thinks this dlc4 might be prequel and I'm not so sure about that, it's hard to say from only that one piece we got. We know Orgin messed up when it booted up as two worlds collided, and it was clear by figures in the city that Rex and Shulk were ones who helped fight against...
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    Of course beside my fanarts or other my own stuff, those things I rather would like to not be reposted. Translations, scanlations, saved other Xenodata I upload free to use :)
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    Missing year script:
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    Of course you can share, host or do what you want to to things I share and post. More people has it= better, because I may one day lost this data (even if I have 3 places where I hold them), or be gone myself. In Xenosaga time I did save everything I did see, and maybe I was hoping that this...
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    problem here is saved page with more of english translation from DS version of side stories I did notice I have too. Sadly I have no more than this in this topic and matter. I have Japanese script for missing year if it's needed...
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    here's pack with site that had XS DS script long time ago, this is best I have: in base folder there are pages/chapters from ep1 part of game, then in folder ep2 is as you can guess script from ep2 chapters. Looks like I did...
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    Board Suggestion Thread

    Nah, I'm Polish and both English and Japanese are just languages I know a little XD, so it's always a little harder to translate from one language you "somehow understand" to one that you know well but not perfect. But once I love something I try to know all possible from it's canon and if I'm...
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    Spoiler Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    As for N, Noah becomes Consul because Z wants to have fun/play with him. After Noah dies (after he and Mio had a kid), Z reborns Noah again, he gives Noah choice to become Mobious. First he lures him in telling that he will revive and give him Mio if he becomes Mobious. But when Noah does that...
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    Board Suggestion Thread

    Well, I can only understand from hearing Japanese, I never wrote anything serious in this lanuage, even my translatin works are mostly: I know some grammar + I help myself with google+ dictionary + I understand a lot of sentences after watching/playing japanese games/anime for past 18 years :D...
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    Hey tomxie, I see you looking for more scans of ODM, it's old but maybe it will be useful for you too. if there is something (old) official from XS, there is like 90% chance I have it XD
  13. kare_reiko

    Xenosaga Episode 1 Manga (zip?)

    Alright, to information, I've added some Anotholgy scans from both ep 1 and 2, some 4 koma scans, I even found some translation we have done years ago of one 4 koma book. I've added Sprites from Xenosaga I-II DS version with ingame illustrations. I still have Missing year ripped files but some...
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