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  1. PineappleLimonov

    Favorite relationship(s)?

    miyuki/wilhelm good lord lmao good crack ship
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    Meme checkpoint

    How did I not find this thread until now I shall now proceed to regale everyone with my shitty edits
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    Sicahyart Gallery

    Ah dang I just finished that portion of Xenogears and now I find this amazing art of Medena 🥲 This art is amazing I love it.
  4. PineappleLimonov

    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Dang, y'all are on the ball with this. Unfortunately the only thing I'd be able to help with is extracting the files when the .jar file gets ripped. I have some cursory experience ripping into old video game files and would definitely be interested in working with everyone to grab all those...
  5. PineappleLimonov

    Pied Piper Search Thread

    A remake >.> What platform are you using to develop it?
  6. PineappleLimonov

    Pied Piper Search Thread

    Did a bit of cursory diving and I got about as far as this link There doesn't seem to be anything leading anywhere else from here though (did an Inspect Element and there appears to be no links), so this may be a...
  7. PineappleLimonov

    Favorite Character Arcs/Stories?

    I've been playing through Xenogears and I just finished up the storyline in Shevat. Maria's storyline/arc is probably my second favorite so far (second to Billy's) mostly because of the god-tier music and just how well they ramped up to the point where you get playable Siebzehn and feel just how...
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    What are you listening to?

    I've been running through all the persona music that got put onto spotify recently Woke up today and the first song that played was Taurus Shrine, which has always been my favorite out of the four shrine themes in Persona 2
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    I'm Jordan Limonov, also known as Pineapple on Twitter and Senespera in online games. I'm a bit of a new Xeno fan, currently about halfway through Xenogears and planning on playing through the rest of them in release order. I tend to wiki-dive a lot, though, so I know just a bit more about the...