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  1. tomxie

    Hello all!

    I think it will be good, there are Chinese-English translations of XB characters on the Internet And I used to translate the names of many XS characters XG's I might need to ask as most are still in English/Japanese untranslated status
  2. tomxie

    Hello all!

    Hi Fourth SoulHacker is a great site, just maybe I need to know more about XB3 English version translation is different Glad you also fell in love with the Xeno series in the Xenoblade series, I may be a bit late, I fell in love with this series through Xenoblade2 Making concerts is a great and...
  3. tomxie

    Xeno series character sorter

    This will be the ranking of all my characters
  4. tomxie

    Photography Thread

    Here's a Malos/Jin/Laura badge that a friend made! Seems inspired by Little Red Riding Hood? And a little doodle she gave me! (The text inside probably means: I can’t think of anything unique to say, I wish you health and happiness, and never die) But Nephy inside is really really cute! ! ...
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  7. tomxie

    Decided to Register!

    Hi! welcome! I also like Xenoblade2 very much. It is Xenoblade2 that made me know and like the Xeno series!
  8. tomxie

    Photography Thread

    Damn, forgot to show this yesterday!
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  10. tomxie

    Photography Thread

    A lot of things arrived today~~~ First of all, all Weekly magazines of XS~ Then there is the first version of the animation of XS~ (I don't like this animation very much, it always looks uncomfortable) Since it is the first edition, it sent two Special DVD~ And then Soma Bringer's OST~...
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