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  1. HikariKuragari

    Ys series !

    I love the Ys serie a lot and so I thought I'd make a thread of it !! What's your favorites ? Looking forward to Ys9 in february ??
  2. HikariKuragari

    Suggestions/Read Me !

    If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to make new threads under this section to tell us your ideas and we'll respond when available. :) Thanks ~ HK
  3. HikariKuragari

    Introductions/Read Me !

    Feel free to make a small intro of yourself in this section, you can follow a basic (Name, Pronoun, What you like) pattern or you can go more simple paragraph, it's up to you ! We greatly encourage that you let us know what your prefered pronoun is though so we may respect use the right one from...
  4. HikariKuragari

    Xenochat Episodes

    All Episode have been posted above, I'll keep it up to date and make announcement here when I add things. Could not make the miniature of the first 4 works, but enjoy !!
  5. HikariKuragari

    Xenochat Episodes

    Here's a list of all the episodes of xenochat with their links ! Episode I ; Introduction : https://open.spotify.com/episode/5QPAsjHsvReNiDnPZbZDnJ?si=KH8Qij46SnWrzJzWsacagw Episode II ; Production with Pure Part I ...
  6. HikariKuragari

    Test thread !

    It's alright ! ;)
  7. HikariKuragari

    Test thread !

    Hello ~ Just testing a little :)