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    Anime Recommendation Thread

    You know, a friend of mine recommended this to me at work. I tried the first two episodes and I didn't really care for it. Now there are a few people I have heard who actually really liked it. Maybe I should stick through it.
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    Pleasure to make yours! We're a bit quiet around here sometimes (well at least I am), but we're always happy to have new folks join us.
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    Hi there!

    Lol I'll ask him if he wants to share because I'm not totally comfortable posting pictures of other people online without their consent.
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    Hi there!

    @Radiotanuki is our resident White Testament.
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    Hi there!

    Well if you are weird at least you are among fellow weirdos. We even have an albedo cosplayer in our midst. Glad to have you!
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    Blue pope man is great! I wish there was more Amalthus stuff in Torna that would have been legit.
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    Xenosaga 3 Demo Disc

    Yoink away.
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    Sicahyart Gallery

    I didn't even know that I needed this!
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    Xenosaga 3 Demo Disc

    Sorry, I haven't been active lately. Here's a link to the demo though if anyone wants it! I'm pretty sure you have to use Japanese BIOS to run it in PCSX2.
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    WIP Thread

    Wow, the detail on Mechonis looks amazing!
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    Anime Recommendation Thread

    I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing honestly. Episode 10 was actually kind of amazing, it's really surprising me with how it's managing to handle all this stuff.
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    Xenosaga 3 Demo Disc

    Hey all! I just want people to know that the Xenosaga 3 demo disc from 2006 which was available through a special lottery by Namco has been found. I plan on ripping the disc so anyone that wishes to have access to the demo and all of the goodies that might be hidden inside may do so.
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    Favorite Xeno Song

    When you have to play that part in XS3 and the music was playing I got some serious chills.
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    Hey Xeno fans!

    Boy, howdy are you in the right place.
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    Favorite relationship(s)?

    I feel like the Jr. and Sakura stuff are some of the best character moments outside of Ziggy in Xenosaga 2! I just wish it weren't so sad 😪